Auto Profiles 3.2

Auto Profiles 3.2: Change profiles automatically based on schedule with Auto Profiles for Series 60 Auto Profiles for Series 60.3/60.5 change profiles on your Nokia smartphone according to your schedule and calendar meetings. Auto Profiles features: -Automatic profile and bluetooth timer -Change to selected profile during a meeting in the calendar -Scheduling of mobile native and of user defined profiles -Profile deactivation time can be chosen -Overlapping scheduling not a problem due to different priorities for schedule conditions

wodBeep ActiveX component is a peer-to-peer connection

ActiveX component is a peer-to-peer connection convenient to label each peer to behave in context of Listener(Server) or Initiator(Client). Component comes with several profiles included such as: SINK/ECHO profiles for testing, ROT13 profile that will grab message data, ZIP Tuning profile that will compress contents of messages on the fly, SYSLOG Raw and Cooked profiles for transmitting(and recieving) syslog messages...

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UserProfilesView 1.01: View user profiles information on your system.
UserProfilesView 1.01

UserProfilesView displays the list of all user profiles that you currently have in your system. For each user profile, the following information is displayed: Domain\User Name, Profile Path, Last Load Time, Registry File Size, User SID, and more. You can save the profiles list into text/xml/html/csv file.

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Universal Document Converter 2.7

profiles. UDC comes with a number of ready-made profiles suited for the most typical tasks (such as converting color documents, drawings, Web pages and so on). *Custom profiles. You can save the commonly used settings as profiles and quickly apply them whenever it is necessary. *Integration with other programs. You can easily call Universal Document Converter from other applications using the SDK and sample code in Visual Basic and Visual C++ included

file, tiff, document, print, utilities, color, html, utility, internet, graphic, image, format, jpeg

Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe 1.0: Utility integrated into Desktop popup menu that saves and restores icon layouts
Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe 1.0

profiles is also reduced to a couple of clicks. The user can create profiles by any condition arranging icons for example by type (Office applications, Graphics, Software Development, Games etc). One thing important is that icons of frequently used programs can be distributed through several profiles at the same time reducing the need of switching between the profiles. For different screen resolutions icons positions are stored separately providing

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EzyCal Display Calibrator (Mac OS X) 1.0.0: EzyCal creates custom test patterns for LCD and CRT display calibration
EzyCal Display Calibrator (Mac OS X) 1.0.0

Profiles. A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the complexities of color management utilities in their operating system, or are afraid of making a mess of their operating system configuration and thus avoid learning how to use ICC Profiles. But once you know how to create your own ICC Profiles, it becomes as simple as one click to change between saved profiles. These saved profiles can be created to meet your requirements and loaded when you need

photography, saturation, monitor, display, icc profile, calibration, color, grayscale, test pattern, picture, color bars, image, digital

SMSAlert 1.0: Assign different SMS signals for each contact
SMSAlert 1.0

profiles. You can manage your profiles directly from the SMS Alert application. SMS Alert in use: Creating new SMS alarm SMS Alarm application is very easy in use. You need to define contacts and their unique SMS alerts. In the tab Contacts you should choose Contact or Group of contacts, define the message tone and fill in all required fields. Note! In Profiles there must be at least one profile active, otherwise you won’t be able to create new

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